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For the Best Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Near Booragoon, click here. (719) 477-9902 Continental Cleaners – 17 Colorado Springs find Discount Dry Cleaning 5 Star Ratings by Susi H.

This is the cheapest dry cleaner I found in the Springs. Every piece is .75 per garment. I took in a man’s dress suit, a pair of slacks and a tie. They all were .75 each. I doubt you can beat this price! I have been looking for a cheap dry cleaner for a year now. I used to go to one in North Carolina that charged .75 per piece –which I thought was GREAT — this is even cheaper! Wow!

I often buy garments at thrift stores as in this case. If i pay for a man’s suit, or for a ball gown I def don’t want to pay in dry cleaning fees!!! Obviously most of the times the garments are very dirty or stained…but I take the chance due to the low cost. I feel safe ‘gambling’ to see if stains will come off at a cheap cleaner. I surely would not risk paying 5 times the cost of the garment to see IF it can come clean!

Great place for low end items that you don’t want to break the bank cleaning. I have not used them much, so I would probably not trust them (as of now) to clean my Armani suit or expensive garments) but I will determine if they are trustworthy after I have used them more times.
So far I am ECSTATIC to have found a low cost cleaner for my thrift store finds!!!

Continental Cleaners – 17
1005 South Tejon Street #100
Colorado Springs CO

Next day service when in by 11 am.

Open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am. to 7:00 pm. so you don’t have to rush, and Saturday from 9:00 am. to 5:00 pm. – Coupons accepted – .75 shirt laundry – cleaner and pressed – .75 all garments – dry cleaned and pressed.

Full Description:
Located in Colorado Springs, Continental Dry Cleaners is here to provide our customers with a full service dry cleaning and laundry, at a discount price. The quality of our product and service is second to none. We specialize in silk and other difficult to clean items. In business since 1997, we are independently owned and operated and take pride in our fast service and dedication to setting the industry standard. We are professional and friendly and are ready to exceed your expectations!

Service Area:
Colorado Springs

Here is a list of just some of the services we offer:
Household items are Laundry Only. We have the capacity and the equipment to handle large quantity drop offs, but we are also highly trained and specialized and therefore can handle high-end, delicate and difficult items that other dry cleaners can’t handle. From pet hair removal to wedding dresses, from leather to sleeping bags, we do it all. We can even get your item cleaned for you in one day for special circumstances like funerals, weddings or reunions. Family operated business, Cat and dog hair removal, High-end clothing, Leather, Comforters, Table cloths, Bed spreads, Sleeping bags, Environmentally conscious, Recycle most materials not used.

What separates us from your competitors:
Full service dry cleaning and laundry, at a discount price
We specialize in silk and other difficult to clean items
We Locally owned are independently operated


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