Dolphin Dry Cleaners Calgary – Alterations & Repairs 7 Days a Week

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Dolphin Dry Cleaners The Eco Friendly Dry Cleaner located in Calgary AB Canada

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We use only environmentally friendly Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning solvents to ensure that you have safe and cleaner clothes and extend the life of your clothes. We examine each article carefully for stains or damage and then select a process based on it’s condition, colour, and fabric type. Then, Professionally pressed after cleaning. You’ll feel more confident about your appearance and make a great impression by using DOLPHIN Dry Cleaning service. ​
Learn more about our Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning.
Our expert tailoring service will make your clothes look and feel like new again with the right fit and an invisible repair.
We offer in-store clothing alterations service to adjust, re-style or repair clothing including, but not limited to:

Removing/replacing buttons
Elbow patches
Narrowing lapels
Your gown represents moments from the best day of your life and deserves special attention to preserve those memories. Whether it is to remove any soil, food, or prepare for storage, dry cleaning as soon as possible will ensure stains will not set in or oxidize.
We evaluate your dress before consult with you and provide a cleaning recommendation and price. Leaving your dress with DOLPHIN means it will receive professional and detailed attention, renewing the colour, extending its lifespan, and preparing it for proper storage.
You deserve the very best attention for business or special social occasions. Feel confident by using the finest shirt service in Calgary that keeps you looking your best.
We start with special attention to cuffs and collars with pre-treatment stain removal. Your choice of light, medium, heavy, or no starch. All shirts are hand finished, hung or folded as your preference, and returned to you beautifully packaged and protected.
Let us do your laundry! Dolphin Dry Cleaners will let you reclaim your time and avoid time consuming chore of washing and folding your clothing, sheets, towels, pillowcases, hand wash items, and anything not labelled dry clean only. If doing your own laundry is not practical or cost effective, leave your clothing with us.
Save more time with our Free Home/Office ​Pickup and Delivery Service.
Dry cleaning is the best way to ensure your comforter is fresh and clean for your restlful sleep. Keep your bedding and comforters clean to prevent allergy causing bedbugs, and always Dry Clean before you store for next season.
We always check the cleaning instructions of each item to determine appropriate cleaning method. Each item receives individual attention and must pass inspections before it can be returned to you.
Extend the life of your leather and suede items with our professional cleaning service. Your leather and suede will last longer and look fresher with our speciality service and solutions designed to remove soil and stains while replenishing the natural oils lost over time.
Leathers may be respond to the cleansing process with shrinkage or variance in colour or overall colour loss.
Reduce allergens and protect your home by improving air quality with clean window coverings. Drapes and curtains act as filters trapping dirt, dust, pollen, and other pollutants and improve indoor air quality.
With DOLPHIN properly cleaning your draperies and curtains you will be helping to maintain a healthy home. We accept all sizes and provide a custom treatment for each style depending on size, colour, and fabric.
Keep your favourite table linens in pristine condition, stain and wrinkle free. Your fine linens are gently washed to remove all stains from food to candle wax, and then hand and machine finished. To stay clean and pressed they are folded on hangers and packaged to protect from wrinkles. Make your every dinner party a success with a beautifully presented table cloth, professionally cleaned and pressed.
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Dolphin Dry Cleaners – Alterations & Repairs 7 Days a Week
Dolphin Dry Cleaners – Alterations & Repairs 7 Days a Week
Dolphin Dry Cleaners – Alterations & Repairs 7 Days a Week
Dolphin Dry Cleaners – Alterations & Repairs 7 Days a Week